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Dissection du mois de janvier 2024

An APRI+ALBI based multivariable model as preoperative predictor for posthepatectomy liver failure

Ecrite par: Marc-Anthony Chouillard, Christian Hobeika (Paris)

Auteurs: Santol, Jonas MD; Kim, Sarang; Gregory, Lindsey A.; Baumgartner, Ruth MD; Murtha-Lemekhova, Anastasia MD; Birgin, Emrullah MD; Gloor, Severin MD; Braunwarth, Eva MD; Ammann, Markus MD; Starlinger, Johannes MD, PhD; Pereyra, David MD, PhD; Ammon, Daphni MD; Ninkovic, Marijana MD; Kern, Anna E.; Rumpf, Benedikt MD; Ortmayr, Gregor MD; Herrmann, Yannic; Dong, Yawen MD; Huber, Felix X.; Weninger, Jeremias; Thiels, Cornelius A. DO, MBA; Warner, Susanne G. MD; Smoot, Rory L. MD; Truty, Mark J. MD; Kendrick, Michael L. MD; Nagorney, David N. MD; Cleary, Sean P. MD; Beldi, Guido MD; Rahbari, Nuh N. MD; Hoffmann, Katrin MD, MBA; Gilg, Stefan MD, PhD; Assinger, Alice PhD; Gruenberger, Thomas MD; Hackl, Hubert PhD; Starlinger, Patrick MD, PhD

Journal: Annals of Surgery, 2023 Oct 20

IF 10.1


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